Semester One – Last Day of Classes: A Photo Montage

May 6th was the last day of classes for Semester One at the University of Malawi Chancellor College. Semester Two will begin on June 27th and I will be teaching second-year students.

The first-year students in my Introduction to Communication Studies class asked for photos to remember their first professor from the United States! But first I took some classroom shots of them! CCS 112 students in desks.jpg

CCS 112 students in desks2 .jpgThere was time for a small group picture before we had to leave for the next class to arrive.

Me standing with students.jpg
Left to right: Ben, Hope, Virginia, Dr. Kali, Jaqueline, Thokozni, Madalitso

And of course I had to fulfill those special requests for individual photos with me. Here are the ones I managed to take with my camera.

Me and Lolly
Lolly and I attempting to be “cool.”
Me and Lucy.jpg
Lucy and I giving each other a good dose of parting affection!
Me and student1.jpg
Witness and I happy we got to know each other!
Me and Moses
Moses displays his famous “rhetorical question” expression!
Me and student53
Prince and I being silly
Me and student2
Mathews being “cool” and me forgetting to be!

I am truly going to miss all of my students and enjoyed every moment of teaching with them! In spite of living in the poorest country in the world, they are enthusiastic, hopeful, motivated, curious, and tireless LEARNING SPONGES!!! And thanks to technology (and perhaps an airplane trip or two in the future), we will be able to stay in touch with one another through the years.

7 thoughts on “Semester One – Last Day of Classes: A Photo Montage

  1. i wanna miss you Audrey. you really a best prof. You know what it means to be a Lecturer. Now that you aren’t teaching us next semester, ouch! Anyway, thanks for your knowledge. I see you my brother Lolly


  2. Awww! I am going to miss you, too, Sosten! And yes, ouch! But I am here until the end of August, so please come by to see me at my office! I’d love to hear about your classes and how you are doing!


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