Excursion to the Zomba Plateau!

Since I arrived in Zomba, I have been looking at the beautiful Zomba Plateau from below and imagining how spectacular the view must be from up there. Last weekend, two of my colleagues from the United States invited me to come along with them on a drive up to the plateau.

From this point near the top I could roughly make out the market in town, my neighborhood, and the campus.

Plateau View.jpg

Our first visit was to a waterfall on the plateau – Williams Falls.

Williams Falls.jpg

Falls Path.jpg

I also liked how cool it was at this higher elevation. There is such a difference in temperature between Zomba town and the Zomba Plateau. It takes only about 30 minutes to drive to the top, and it is a nice relief from what can be quite oppressive heat and humidity.

Me at Falls.jpg

Our second stop was at the Sunbird Ku Chawe Hotel for lunch. In addition to the comfortable ambiance and the view, we were gently reminded not to feed or play with the monkeys.

Sunbird Restaurant.jpg

Restaurant window.jpg

Sunbird Monkey Sign.jpg


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