My campus faculty office!

I enjoy my office at the University of Malawi, Chancellor’s College. I share it with Mr. Zondi Mbano who teaches English Language Skills. If you could not tell right away, my desk is the one with the pink drink, the orange pencil case, and blue MacBook.

IMG_3961.jpgIf you look closely on the left of this picture, you will see what is the most important object in the room – the FAN! I’m slowly growing accustomed to life without air conditioning.  And I also like the absence of power lawn tools like leaf-blowers, lawn mowers, and hedge-trimmers. During the day on campus there is just the “swish-swish” and “clip-clip” sounds of people working on the grounds with “slashers” and other manual gardening tools.

It is the rainy season here now and it is hot and humid. Except for the maize crops suffering from the lack of rain, everything is quite green. This is a view from my office window:


And when I open my office door, this is the view from the outside corridor. Because it is warm in Malawi all of the time, a lot the “hallways” and “stairways” are outside.


2 thoughts on “My campus faculty office!

    1. Hi Shin!! Their first language is Chichewa! An indigenous, beautiful language that is spoken in this region that has survived. The people cling to it and love it as part of their culture. I hope to learn some, but it is difficult in syntax and vocabulary. All of my students have learned English in primary and secondary school — so teaching in English is a challenge. But I speak slowly and they ask questions when I talk too fast 🙂

      All the best,


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