On a rainy day in the town of Zomba

It is rainy season here in Malawi, but I find the cloud formations over the Zomba Plateau to be quite beautiful.  I have not yet been to the top, but will surely write about it on this post when I do.

IMG_3925.jpgThere are wonderful fruit and vegetable vendors throughout the town and I was adventurous in taking a taste of raw cassava. It is delicious and tastes a bit like coconut to me. But only after I got home and looked up some information on this food that I realized it was risky for me eat it without knowing about the danger of cyanide if eaten when raw. I took only a small taste, but will be more careful when being courageous with unknown foods.

IMG_3927.jpgAnother fun thing to do on a rainy day is to find a chitenge and have it made into a dress. This lovely piece of material has a symbol of the Malawian Angoni tribe.


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