Sweet Sorrow and the Big Move

Since I arrived in Zomba on January 8th, I’ve stayed at the College Guest House until my other single home was ready. After living there for almost two weeks, and meeting other house guests (professors and students from other parts of Malawi who come to visit Chancellor College), I appreciate that I had the opportunity to make new friends. I also met some neighbors such as Nanny Judith and Baby Samantha. Judith watches Samantha (who is 7 months old) while her mother works at the university.

2.Samantha and Judith.jpgAs a private little farewell to my peaceful little guest house, I made a candle-light spaghetti dinner for myself. I tried to offer it to some other Malawians, but they did not like it since it didn’t have enough salt. I never salt my food, but they really love salty food. They could have added salt to it, but no one was able to find the salt 🙂 So I brought it to my new house and will eat it for the next four days because there is so much!

1.Last SupperPacking was not that difficult since I never really fully unpacked, but it was a chore, nonetheless.

3.Me in suitcasesAnd I will miss my “bedroom gecko.” Every evening he crawled around the walls and looked at me, and then went into his hiding place.

4.Bedroom Gecko.jpg

The next task was to go shopping to get some household items for the new house. Mr. Mereca went with me to Blantyre (about an hour away) where there are more shops for things like dishes and pots and pans and sheets and blankets, and lamps, etc.

5.Mereca packing car.jpg

And, of course, the local market in Zomba has a large array of beautifully hand-made items for the home. The fuzzy blonde thing I am holding is my new mop made from fine local cotton!

Me with Mats.jpg

With all of the necessary hunting and gathering completed, the college provided the furniture and the transport of it to my new house. I’ve finished setting up the house and am excited to get ready for my classes. Items into truck.jpg

There are few details that need to be worked on, such as the fact that there is no hot water. The college needs to order a part for the water heater, and things don’t happen as instantaneously here as in the United States. We would order it on Amazon and have it Fed-Xd the next day. No so in Malawi. So, my washing routine will include adding boiling water to my cold-water bathtub!

Speaking of washing…. there is no washing machine or dryer. This is the washing “machine”:


And this is the dryer:


And now for a little tour of my home:Looking into front door.jpgLooking into the front door from the front porch.

Living Room.jpg

The Living Room (which is called a “Sitting Room” here. LR View into DR.jpgA view of the Dining Room from the Sitting Room.

Kitchen.jpgMy sunny kitchen!  In fact, the whole house is very bright and sunny, yet cool even without air conditioning. All it takes is a couple of fans to move the air around.

Here is my cozy little office/bedroom:


And here is the guest room!


Car Port.jpgAnd here is my car, which when pulling into the carport I am always greeted by my neighbor’s friends dog, Scooby:




2 thoughts on “Sweet Sorrow and the Big Move

  1. Following your blog has been very interesting and educational. Getting to see how people live on this planet of ours. Have fun and enjoy the experience.

    My sister-in-law and her husband some time ago had sponsored a Episcopal Minister from Kenya. I was amazed at the amount of salt they used at mealtime.

    The interesting thing was the look inside your house. Looks very much like your home in the States. The one thing I would have a hard time to get use to was your washer machine. The dryer I am very use to using.

    Happy trails…..


    1. Thank you so much for your thoughts! I will surely keep you posted as time goes on. I am getting used to washing my clothes by hand. I don’t think that I every really looked at them in such detail 🙂


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