Twas a Dark and Sunny Morning. . .

P1000190Electricity here in Malawi is not constant nor expected. So I sit here with my instant coffee made from warm tap water, a battery-powered lantern, and a computer I had the foresight to fully charge the night before. But mind you, this is not a complaint at all. This is an observation about the 16 million people in this country where the average yearly salary is $815 and the life expectancy at birth is 60 years old.

I do have the capacity to plan ahead due to the schedule put out by ESCOM’s (Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi) Loadshedding Programme.


The areas in blue indicate Zomba, the city in which I am living.

IMG_3873Of course one must expect caveats in most of life’s situations:P1000191 (1)But here in Malawi I am very well taken care of and protected. The guards who are around the house 24/7 are friendly and knowledgeable. Meet Praise Makaniankhondo who is here with me this morning:



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