Getting ready to move into my home!

IMG_3861The painters are just about finished and I will be able to move into this nice two-bedroom house which is just a few minutes from campus. It is on a quiet dirt road bordered with fields of maize and other vegetables, and the majestic Zomba Plateau can be seen from my front porch. I have a carport for my car, but will not have to worry about keeping the snow off of my car  🙂

IMG_3858It is the rainy season right now and the soil is very rich and red like clay. I will plant some grass in the front and back yards, and will also have a vegetable garden and a flower garden. Since it is so warm year round, it will be nice to do my grading and lecture plans outside on the porch!IMG_3863People here in Malawi generally do not have washing machines or dryers, so I will be doing my wash by hand and hanging my clothes on the line in back of the house. The building in the background is where any hired house workers can live, so the person that will be doing my gardening and yard work will live there. I know very little about gardening and I am happy to be able to give someone a much-needed paying job.

IMG_3860The back of the house right now is quite barren and will be the perfect place for plantings of all kinds.

IMG_3859The front yard, though, is very lush with various plants and trees. These are two of my favorites:


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