Three Days in Lilongwe

2016.01.07 c in LilongweLilongwe is the capital of Malawi, and also the home of U.S. Embassy to Malawi. The image is the Parliament Building. You can learn more about the U.S. Embassy in Malawi on their website. I stayed here in the capital city for three days for an orientation provided by the State Department which included a security briefing and cultural orientation. It was a nice introduction to Malawi before going into the interior of the country to learn more. This is a view from my hotel in Lilongwe. It is the rainy season now and it is very warm and humid, with occasional daily rains which are vital for the crops.

2016.01.07 a in LilongweDriving through the city, one can see many perspectives. There are several billboards illustrating President Mutharika’s many progressive initiatives for development, such as this one for people with disabilities.

2016.01.07 b in Lilongwe

And along the well-paved roads in this city one can find many local vendors with their foods and arts and crafts.

2016.01.07 d in Lilongwe2016.01.07 g in LilongweThe juxtaposition of the old and the new are sure signs that Malawi is making great strides in development. 2016.01.07 h in Lilongwe2016.01.07 i in Lilongwe

But the traditional way of carrying things and the habit of walking versus always taking vehicular transport, tell me that we, as Americans, should be doing more walking and carrying and depending less on the gyms to give us what is free and right at our fingertips!

2016.01.07 e in Lilongwe

2016.01.07 k in Lilongwe

And of course, a highlight of my time in Lilongwe was meeting Ambassador Virginia Palmer. She has been instrumental to progress in women’s rights, gay rights, and education. Me and Ambassador

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